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Free VPN which is usually used for making the privacy on the internet. There are several reasons to use VPN, most of us familiar with this term, however, some of us don’t know what exactly the purpose for using VPN. So let me clear this doubt for you by explaining a little bit about VPN so that we can further move to some best Free VPN for India.

What is VPN?

VPN simply stands for Virtual Private Network or in other words, VPN is Acronym of Virtual Private Network. It is used for adding some security standards to our private and Public networks. The area of adding security to our Private and public network is not just only the term, there is a lot of explanation on this, but mainly it has the vast majority of giving the privacy and security area of the Internet.

Why We use VPN?

Some of us still confused that why we to use VPN or why should we use VPN, what are the main benefits behind this.

VPN is something which can be a solution for lot more things on the internet. The main reason can be hiding your IP. If you don’t want to reveal your IP address which can define all about you or if you don’t want to expose your location and remain anonymous while browsing, surfing the internet then VPNs are highly recommended. Not only this you can get access to those materials which are prohibited on your geo-location and completely country based. VPN gives you freedom of streaming and remove a lot of boundations which you,ll be having without VPN and so on.

Mostly VPN cost you a good amount of money and some of us don’t want to pay but still want to use VPN, and for those here is some Free VPN which you can use in India and you can use these Free VPN for Torrenting and other stuff too.

So without Furthermore explanation lets begin with the list of Best Free VPN in India:

Best Free VPN India:


1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is the simplest and easiest VPN ever made. It has such features which protect your personal information and data from prying eyes. By using this VPN you can easily remove the location-based restriction and stream and browse your favorite site. You will get fastest VPN every time you connect. This VPN is free but in order to use its paid service you can choose or switch to its giant and Grizzly plans as well. And For using the Free VPN service simply choose its Little plan.

Download TunnerBear From Here

2. Hide.Me VPN VPN which is considered as World’s Fastest VPN has a lot of advanced features. To make sure you data is safe from every side they didn’t save your logs. Using this VPN is really simple as it seems, you can even use its helpful guide to make sure. When it comes to the server location of this VPN then this has server located around the world, so you will get access from the nearest one for better speeding. This VPN has free plan from which you will get 3 server location with best effort bandwidth + 2GB data transfer.

Download From Here

3. Windscribe

Windscribe VPN
Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is another best free VPN in the market. It easily encrypts all your browsing activity, blocks advertisements, and unblocks all entertainment content for you. Same like other VPN this VPN removes all geo-based restrictions so you can browse any site and get access to your favorite material on the web. You will get better encryption, so this VPN has your back by protecting you and giving you the better privacy. On its free plan, you will be having 10GB/month Bandwidth with firewall protection and better peer to peer encryption.

Download Windscribe From Here

4. Betternet

Betternet VPN
Betternet VPN

When it comes to Totally free VPN service then Betternet has your back. Using this VPN is really simple all you need is a press that connects button and another good part of this, it doesn’t require any kind of log from you so don’t worry about signup or login all here is log free. This VPN gives you service for free forever, not like other VPN which gives you limited bandwidth or unlimited access for a limited time. NO restriction here all service for free without any restrictions. Betternet has add-ons for browsers and App for a mobile device so you can avail it with every platform you want.

Download Betternet From Here

5. NordVPN

Nord VPN
Nord VPN

This is one of the best and highly recommended VPN for Indian users. It gives you online security including your social media accounts, browsing, your hotspot etc. All you need to do is click start and all you do after that will be protected and secured. It Encrypts all your data, whatever you do on the internet and saves you from revealing your information. And yes it is a Free VPN. NordVPN gives you double data encryption, with superfast servers. NordVPN is not exactly totally free but it gives you 3 days premium trial which you can avail without registering with the credit card or your bank account details, all it needs is your email address and you are good to go.

Get Free NordVPN Trial From Here


These above VPNs are free VPN in India, so Indian users can use them without paying any single penny. Not all VPN are totally free as betternet but as long as you have the free plans on those VPNs you are free to use them. Some require registration some don’t but the good thing is that they don’t require your credit card details and it is a big fact of taking or not taking the service when they ask for payment details especially to Indian users. I really hope you find this Free VPN India list helpful for your privacy, safety, security and so on. If you have any questions regarding this list of free VPN for India then feel free to comment down below and i,ll be more happy to reply you instantly.

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